Saturday, February 24, 2007

Easter is coming soon...

This is a preemptive post before the media gets into its Easter frenzy and unloads a pile of crap on us. Acharya S is a scholar classically educated in archaeology, history, mythology and languages. Acharya specializes in religion and mythology, critiquing and comparing them, and providing unique insights into their origins. Here is her post on the supposed "find" of Jesus' Tomb:

I find this kind of debate rather silly. There is no way you could prove something to be the supposed actual tomb of Jesus. It was supposed to be empty, if you remember the story. Obviously, if they found remains, it isn't like we have some DNA we could compare to be sure. I hate these sorts of "tourist trap" places that prey on the weak minded and ill-informed. Anyway, enjoy the read.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Catan followup

Here is a link to an interview with Brian Reynolds about Catan. If you want more information this is a must read.

Interview with Brian Reynolds.

Nintendo brings more Zelda love to the Wii

Thanks to Kotaku for this gem! Look for my Wii post coming soon...

Nintendo: Ocarina Hits North America Wii Too


If you were to look at the top of GameRankings list
of best games of all time, heck almost anyone's list, what would you
see? Hint, it's coming to the Wii's virtual console on Monday.

That's right, Nintendo just dropped the bomb. Ocarina of Time is coming to the Wii's virtual console in North America too. So there Europe. The game will be on the site Monday for 1,000 points or $10 in real money. Hit the jump for the short but sweet release.

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Settlers of Catan

Big Huge News!

Catan places the player in the role of colonists on the newly discovered imaginary island of the same name. Through strategy and trading, 3-4 players vie for control over the valuable territory and resources of this uncharted wilderness. With ten million copies already sold, Settlers of Catan is the rare board game that appeals to casual players as much as hardcore enthusiasts.

I was introduced to this game a few years ago by some friends of mine who I play D&D with and it quickly became a hit. The design is simple, but the options are many and strategy is varied. It is kind of like combining a card game with a board game with a dice game. Unfortunately for my sake I played against the likes of: The Ice Queen, Red, and The Accountant (who always somehow new what cards everyone had). I may have won once or twice, but not any more than that. It was still loads of fun though. Now I have the opportunity to play against thousands of Xbox Live opponents with whom I might stand a better chance of defeating. Perhaps once I have honed my skills a bit I can return and challenge those who so thoroughly thrashed me in the past.

The game is being developed by Big Huge Games. I think Brian Reynolds is one of the best game designers working today and knowing that the game is in his hands leaves me with a sense of anticipation that I have rarely had for Live Arcade games. Now if they will hurry up and release Cyberball, I will be happy.