Friday, April 20, 2007

New Expansion Already??

Coming in June!!

Shores of Evendim

The First Update to The Lord of the Rings Online™

The greatest fantasy of all time continues to expand!

Beginning in June, heroes can adventure to the Shores of Evendim, the first of many free updates to The Lord of the Rings Online™.

About 100 miles north of the Shire, in northern Eriador, lies Evendim, a vast region dominated by the Lake Nenuial; the ‘Lake of the Twilight’. On the southern shore, the ancient abandoned city of AnnĂºminas —the former capital of the kingdom of Arnor ­ is well known amongst the Free Peoples. For according to the Legends, amidst its ruins lay a great wealth and powerful artifacts now threatened by evil creatures and the nefarious forces lurking in Angmar.

As the Fellowship prepares to leave Rivendell, Aragorn must re-forge Narsil, the Sword of Elendil. Gandalf has asked for help in Aragorn’s search of the ancient lands of Evendim for an ancient jewel that once belonged in the sword’s hilt. This powerful relic must be recovered before the Dark Lord Sauron finds it.

Players are challenged to secure the valuables of the abandoned city, defy Angmar’s encroaching grip on AnnĂºminas and aid Aragorn in his quest to re-forge Narsil.

Key Features:
  • Discover the lands of Evendim
  • Explore over 60 new Quests
  • Raid in the Battle for Helegrod
  • Fight against 9 new monsters
  • Upgraded music system adds new instruments and lets you share your music with others
  • Equip collectible Armor Sets

Wow. A free expansion this quickly after the release? This is like bizarro Vanguard world. To think Turbine might release a relatively bug free solid game and THEN follow up so quickly with an expansion kind of puts the folks over at Sony Online to shame. I think this announcement shows that it was a wise move for Turbine to have the book license and not the movie license. They have so much more to work with this way. For those people out there who still are into MMOs this might be the next big thing. I reserve the right to be horribly wrong however. It wouldn't be the first time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

RIP: Vince Young

Vince Young has been named the next cover athlete for Madden 08, The Craptacular Edition (ok, I added that last part). Why is it always the young ones?!?!? Poor guy, had a blossoming career started. For more details about the Madden curse, go here.