Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Round 5 of Sony's bout with reality

The folks over at Sony must either use the same PR firm as the White House or they are taking the same drugs. They announced that soon the "shortage" of PS3s will be over! I must be halucinating when I go to Best Buy and Gamestop and see stacks of PS3s sitting there. I can just imagine the meeting that spawned this announcement. They must have been giggling between bong-hits as they wrote it.

"April or May is when we feel like we're going to catch up to demand and have product fully in stock across North America and stay there," said Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Asked about widespread reports on video game Web sites that stacks of unsold PlayStation 3s are a common sight in many electronics shops, Tretton told Reuters in an interview that the console was still out of stock in some areas three months after its November launch.

"It's a testament to the fact that we've been able to manufacture and ship units on a greater pace than any previous console," Tretton said.

"Our goal is to fill shelves across the United States. Our goal is not to have empty shelves, it's to have full shelves. If we have empty shelves, that's one less consumer who could have bought a PlayStation 3," Tretton said.

Here is the rest of the Reuters article. Enjoy.

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