Sunday, March 18, 2007

Currently Reading: The Skystone

From Library Journal
During the days of the decaying Roman Empire, the legions of Britain struggle to preserve the ancient principles of loyalty and discipline-virtues embodied in the Roman general Caius Britannicus and his friend Publius Varrus, an ex-soldier turned ironsmith. Whyte re-creates the turbulence and uncertainty that marked fifth-century Britain and provides a possible origin for one of the greatest artifacts of Arthurian myth-the legendary sword Excalibur. Strong characters and fastidious attention to detail make this a good choice for most libraries and a sure draw for fans of the Arthurian cycle.

So far I am liking The Skystone. The tale being from a Roman perspective is different albeit it has been done before. I have read most of the Authurian Legend books I could get my hands on. I will post a review when I am done.

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