Monday, September 10, 2007

Chatpad impressions

I had a little bit of time to mess around with the Chatpad. First I have to say that this must have been planned from the beginning because it fits so well. At first, it looks like it isn't going to fit, but when you push a little bit harder it snaps right in place. There is a pass-through for the headset and it comes with a new headset that has a clip-on control for volume. The pad itself is nicely spaced and well thought out. It is pretty easy to type with your thumbs. It's also backlit which is VERY nice. The light goes off after a few seconds of not being used to preserve battery life. I don't see a huge amount of application for the device yet. It will be nice for things like naming items in Oblivion or any other time you want to add text. It also gives the controller a nice weight and feel. I think I will keep it attached all the time. Hopefully there will be more games that come out that take advantage of it, like MMOs. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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