Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cyberball 2072 impressions

Hey Microsoft... Why don't you just come to my house and kick me in the balls? It feels like you already did. First my Xbox 360 dies just before the long awaited (for me anyway) Cyberball 2072 gets released and right in the middle of playing Bioshock. That turns out to be ok because a friend of mine let me use his 360 because he didn't have a screen to play it on. So with glee on Wednesday morning I fired up the old 360 and downloaded Cyberball 2072 before work. I played a quick game and was immediately concerned that nothing extra was done -- no enhanced graphics, or play modes. However, it was the exact game from the arcades that I dropped so many quarters into. I went to work feeling excited because I couldn't wait to go home and play someone online. That is what the game is about after all. I remember facing off against savvy opponents in the arcade and dreading seeing certain people playing the game, knowing it was going to be a tough battle. I got home last night and loaded up the game then clicked on mulitplayer for the first time. Well guess what? The only mode available in multiplayer is CoOP! What the hell were they thinking? This game was announced a long time ago and I assumed it was taking this long to come out because they were either doing extra stuff or tweaking multiplayer. It looks like they were just sitting on their asses doing jack-squat. What's wrong Microsoft was it too technically difficult to get head to head multiplayer working in a twenty year old game? That's odd because games like APF 2k8 run great head to head. Maybe you just ran out of funds because you had to spend so much money fixing all the crapped out 360s you have been selling everyone.

Lots of sites like to give out numeric reviews, well here is mine: -1.

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