Monday, October 1, 2007

All Pro Football 2K8

Every year sports games come out and it takes weeks if not months to find decent slider settings. I don't know why companies don't just make Pro the best possible default setting for the game to be played. I really have no clue why the rookie settings are there. Seriously, if you suck that bad at playing sports video games that you need to play on rookie, maybe that genre isn't for you. The other end of the spectrum is usually called Hall of Fame (or All Madden) and is equally ridiculous in how the computer cheats to be competitive. I usually end up vacillating between Pro and All Pro depending on the game. What ends up happening is that there is no middle ground either I struggle to win at All Pro and have really low scoring games or I find Pro to be too easy. I have changed my outlook somewhat and decided that it is more fun to be able to move the ball and generate some offense than get into defensive wars that end up 6 - 3. With that in mind I have found some good sliders over at Operation Sports and so far they are working out quite well. Here they are: (sliders by NJPapi)

Human Blocking 70
Human Passing 50
Human Running 40
Human Catching 80
Human Coverage 70
Human Pursuit 50
Human Tackling 60
Human Kicking 60
Human Fatigue 50

Cpu Blocking 75
Cpu Passing 80
Cpu Running 90
Cput Catching 55
Cpu Coverage 100
Cpu Pursuit 70
Cpu Tackling 45
Cpu Kicking 50
Cpu Fatigue 50

Global Sliders
Injury 50
Fumble 100
Interception 80

I play 10 minute quarters for a good reflection of stats with accelerated clock

I use maximum passing

Game Speed is set at normal

No accelerated clocks unless you want to crank the time to 10 minutes

Performance EQ is turned off... this is to balance teams out

Auto Strafe Mode must be off

For those that want to use my custom camera here is the settings

Camera Custom

QB Pivot Mode (Home) On

Pass Play Zoom OUt (Home) Off

QB Pivot Mode (Away) ON

Pass Play Zoom Out (Away) Off

Camera Distance 54

Camera Pitch 0

Camera Angle 50

Camera Height 0

You may also want to try these Penalty sliders. There is a theory that they also affect game play, but I haven't verified that yet. Here they are: (penalty sliders by: Catcatch22)

nuetral zone infraction - 48
defensive pass interference - 65
offensive pass interference - 80
offensive holding - 100
defensive holding - 40
clipping - 100
roughing the passer - 0
roughing the kicker - 50
late hit - 50
ineligible receiver downfield - 55
face mask - 52

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