Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blind Guardian Rawks on. Is immortalized in a video game.

SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel: Musical support by "Blind Guardian" Basingstoke, 5th November 2007 - Soon "Blind Guardian" fans can admire their heroes as computer game characters! As part of a unique cooperation with ASCARON Entertainment, one of the leading German developers of entertainment software, the fantasy metal rockers will have a guest appearance in the long-awaited PC and Xbox 360 title SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel. To provide a fitting soundtrack for this virtual event, "Blind Guardian" will record a special song for the game, which will be released as a separate single next year. In addition, the video clip to be produced for the new song will feature sequences taken straight from SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel.

And the Sacred world of Ancaria will also tremble with the band's rocking tunes. By solving a quest in the game, players can unlock a bonus event, in which the motion-captured Blind Guardians perform their new song "live".

SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel is the long-awaited sequel to the internationally most successful German action RPG of all time. Game fans can look forward to an all-new epic game with many new features and expansions of the popular concept. In SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel players discover and explore a vast, highly detailed world with breathtaking graphics - for the first time in full 3D. SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel captivates players with its gripping story, which they can experience in two entirely different ways (light and shadow campaign).

For more than 20 years, "Blind Guardian" have been a force to be reckoned with in the German rock scene. Many fans consider the critically acclaimed new album "A twist in the Myth" the Krefeld-based band's best to date.

"We are very proud of the cooperation with 'Blind Guardian' and look forward to providing the band with a virtual stage in our game. For many years I've been a big fan of the band, and I'm sure the new SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel-themed single will be a hit with fans too", says Holger Flöttmann of ASCARON.

"To us, SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel is a dream come true, because, like all the other fantasy computer game maniacs, we had to wait a very long time for the sequel to the legendary SACRED. Thanks to its complex fantasy world and detailed characters, SACRED has become one of our absolute favorites, and we also loved both its storyboard and the tie-in novels. It's just awesome to become part of that SACRED world now. Music, story and images will merge to a perfect whole", adds "Blind Guardian" singer Hansi Kürsch.

Nuclear Blast's York Eysel also enthuses about "this one of a kind cooperation between our band "Blind Guardian", symphonic fantasy metal's biggest band, and the extraordinary action RPG SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel. We can't think of a better way to combine the worlds of music and computer games."

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