Friday, December 14, 2007

Hands on with: Arkadian Warriors

When I put up the press release for this game I had no idea it was coming out so soon. This is the kind of thing I have wanted to see on Xbox Live Arcade for a long time. Is it worth it? Maybe. The game gives you three characters to choose from: a Warrior, an Archer and a Sorceress. I have played to level five with a Warrior and have not tried the other two classes. The game plays like Diablo and all of its clones. That is to say, it is very familiar. You get quests in a small town and a gateway opens up to portal you to the quest location. No wandering around trying to find where you are supposed to go with this game! You then proceed to travel through randomly generated dungeons hacking and slashing your way past a veritable cornucopia of monsters. There isn't much strategy to combat, after all it is a Diablo clone. You can find magic items and as you level you unlock various abilities for your class. One odd thing is that when you slash your sword, it doesn't make a sound when it contacts a monster. It feels like you are just swishing it around. Oddly, it does make a sound when you hit other objects. So far the quests have been the standard fare that one sees in these types of games and in MMOs. I think games like Dungeon Runners and Fate are better and I would dearly like to see them on Xbox Live Arcade. This games seems to be a fun diversion and if you are a fan of Diablo/Gauntlet clones then you will enjoy it. You can also link up with a friend to do some coop dungeon exploring. By the way, speaking of Gauntlet, where the hell is Gauntlet 2 for Xbox Live Arcade?

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