Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Combining a sophisticated, dynamic game world and intense medieval swordfighting action, Mount&Blade strives to create a game experience never seen before. Playing Mount&Blade, you will venture through a world filled with daring enemies as well as friendly groups that will come to your aid or need yours. In a land torn by constant danger, raids and skirmishes, you will raise and lead your own war band, commanding dozens of hardened soldiers. You will hunt down your enemies following the tracks they leave behind. And you will fight epic battles where arrows cut the air with deadly hisses, axes and swords hack with fury, and horses and men clash into a violent melee.

Go to this site NOW and download the game. You can play it for free up to level 6. It's one of the best computer games I have played in a long time and evokes the passion and wonder that I had for PC games back in the day. Absolutely stellar! Here is the link.

UPDATE: Mount and Blade has been picked up by a publisher! They promise improved graphics, more quests and polish. Here is the link to a preview.

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