Friday, January 11, 2008

NFL Tour

This is the time of year that games get released which weren't quite good enough to make the holiday season lineup. NFL Tour is one of these games. The concept is a good one, but as usual EA Sports has tainted the solid game play idea underlying the game. The idea of having a 7 on 7 pickup game played by NFL stars is a great one. There are an endless combination of strategies for plays. I initially downloaded the demo on the PS3 last week because I usually check out anything that involves the NFL. My first play experience was less than satisfying and I knew right then there was no way I was going to pay sixty bucks for this game. Last night, I was messing around with my PS3 because Xbox Live is STILL acting up (seriously, Micro$oft what gives?). I went into the menu system and found out you can turn off a lot of the crap that I didn't like about the game like: Slow Motion, Big Hit Meter and a few other things. These "enhancements" to the game inserted by EA to appeal to hyperactive teens (in EAs mind I guess) only served to muddle up a fairly decent game. With those settings turned off, I had an enjoyable experience. It wasn't enough to make me want to go out and pay sixty bucks for it, but if the game comes down to 20 bucks some day then I might pick it up.

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