Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Table cat likes tables.

We have two cats. My cat Frodo, who has made an appearance on this site and my soon-to-be step daughter's cat Kallie. They are both great cats and we love them, but we are having a problem with Kallie always wanting to be on the dining room table. Our method of discouraging her has been to squirt her with a water battle and yell. This seems to not have much of an effect on her. When she sees the water bottle she cringes and gives out a little meow as if she knows what is coming, but she waits until we actually squirt her before she gets off the table. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to break her of the habit of getting on the dining room table? We chase her off that thing a good 10 times a day.


Anonymous said...

1. You could electrify the table.
2. You could drive nails or screws from underneath the table protruding upwards.
3. You could tazor the cat when it gets on the table.
4. You could have the cats legs surgically removed.
5. If you find the above suggestions too "harsh", you could get rid of the table.

Flying Norseman said...

Get rid of the table? Brilliant!

Matthew said...

place double-faced tape on the table. Seriously... they hate the feeling of sticky... (you might want to put it on like.. cardboard or something so you're not taping the table directly)

Flying Norseman said...

Thanks, Matt. I will give that a try.