Monday, September 17, 2007

Sega Rally Revo

I try demos so you don't have to.

I played some of the Sega Rally Revo demo. Unfortunately for Sega, I have already played DiRT and Forza Racing. This game is arcade racing all the way. They have been touting their new "track deformation" technology for weeks now and while that IS in the game, that is the only thing that gets deformed. Certainly, my car doesn't suffer any deformation from smacking up against the wall at 90 miles an hour. Here are my thoughts on the game so far:

  • The game is really gorgeous. But so is Forza and DiRT.
  • The computer cars either never use their brakes or their brake lights are broken.
  • It is REALLY hard to control the car from the external view.
  • Lot's of mud was being thrown around on the dirt portions of the track. NONE of it happened to land on my windshield though.
  • Apparently a small 2 foot fence is stronger than my car traveling at over 80 miles an hour. Strong enough to bounce me right back on the track.
  • It looks like as an arcade racer, SRR will be decent. Don't expect the same level of options and detail as DiRT or Forza though.

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