Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top five things I hate about Gamestop.

  1. Pushing their idiotic preorder policy down our throats. I went in the other day and was just talking casually about Halo 3 and the doofus behind the counter says: "Did you preorder it?" After I told him no, he went on to imply that I probably wouldn't be getting it on release day then, as if Gamestop is the only source for video games. You know what Gamestop? If you aren't smart enough to order enough copies to cover walk-in customers, then you deserve to lose the business!

  2. Trade-ins. You might as well walk in with your pants down around your ankles. "Well lets see Mr. Norseman, you have 15 games to trade in and we can give you 20 bucks towards your purchase!" You can also suck my balls! Never trade in games, it is the worst deal ever. Keep them, you never know when you are going to want to play them again. I see teenagers come in with literally 40 games and a system to trade in so they can get the newest thing. It ain't worth it. Steal more money out of your mom's purse, don't support these clowns by making this practice lucrative.

  3. Know nothing chicks hired so the manager can be around an attractive girl a few hours a week. Yeah, I am really gonna ask the giggly blond behind the counter if this year's Madden has fixed any of the previous year's bugs. Managers, go out and get yourself a life so you don't have to hire eye-candy in order to be near an actual woman once in a while. Now before you go off on me, I realize there are some attractive women who are also knowledgeable about games and good employees, but it is the exception, not the rule.

  4. Playing shit after all the employees in the store have brought it home. Time for a dirty little secret here. I used to manage an Electronics Boutique (now owned by Gamestop) and I know you guys have shrink wrap machines in the back room to re wrap opened product. I just don't want to get my game home and find pizza stains on my supposedly new game's manual. Also, stop doing such a crappy job when you shrink wrap a game. It isn't that hard, I used to be a pro at it.

  5. Quit lying to me. I'm not stupid and I probably have been playing games since before a lot of your employees stopped drooling on themselves (last week for some). When I know you are lying to me or in rare cases when I find out later that you lied -- I want you to die. I have no interest in shopping at your store anymore. If you can't tell me the truth or you just don't know then be honest about it.


Flying Norseman said...

I should say that I have done some of these things as an EB manager. Not the lying part though. I also used to trade in games, but I have learned my lesson.

Matthew said...

you used to be a hot, clueless chick?