Monday, October 22, 2007

Bill Abner waxes elloquent on Sports Gaming...

"Sports gamers are trapped inside the industry's version of The Matrix. The fact we see "new" games every year almost guarantees only so much can be done, not only to add new features but also to fix problems from the previous edition. Each year, the hole gets deeper, and it gets harder for people not to see the spoon, as it were. As problems go unfixed, and new features are added, many of them also badly in need of fixes, it gets more and more difficult to justify spending upwards of $60 every year to buy the latest version.

This is all about money, obviously. In any sort of rational scenario, we'd see "new" sports games released every two years, and in the off years a roster update and a patch to fix the most egregious errors from the old game. But that's crazy talk!"

For the whole story go here.

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