Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NHL 08 Slider Settings

NHL 08 is one of the best hockey games I have ever played and I think I have played them all. As usual it takes some time to get some good slider settings, but I think I have found some thanks to Operation Sports and a user named Flyermania. Here they are:

10 minute periods length, penalties maxed. Fighting up to user.

Game Speed-1
Puck Control-0
Fight Difficulty-1
Fatigue Effect-6
AI Learning-3

Fatigue Recovery-1
Player Acceleration-0 (changed this to slow the game a bit more, also creates more battles for loose pucks)

Hit Power-0
Poke Check Effectiveness- 6

Pass Speed-0
Saucer Pass Speed-0
Pass Interceptions-6
Goalie Passing-1

Shot Accuracy-4 (increased this to generate more scoring)
Shot Power-2 (lowered to counter the increased accuracy)

Shot Blocking-6
Hook Effectiveness-6
Penalty Shot Freq-1
Goalie Cover Puck Freq-5

* I always let the CPU take the face-off so I don't win 75-80% of them. Makes it more realistic.
* I do a lot of cycling and dumping of the puck to set up my offense. If you prefer a run-and-gun style, you will get a lot of shots on net with these settings.

Note: I changed the game speed to 1 from 0.

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