Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boogie Bunnies

In the latest installment of "I play demos so you don't have to", I would like to take a look at the newly released Xbox Live Arcade game: Boogie Bunnies. One might wonder what would possess me to play a game like this. It's all for YOU dear reader. Plus, there was some morbid fascination when I saw that it was released. Mind you, I played the trial version. I've got your backs, but not that much. Anyway, if you are curious what type of game this is, think of it as a sickly cute version of Astropop. A brace of various color bunnies is arranged on the screen in front of you and your task is to get them off the playing field before they march inexorably forward into a ditch. You do this, but launching a colored bunny so that he ends up next to at least two other same colored bunnies which by some means unexplained, causes them all to be removed from the screen. That sounds pretty much exactly like Astropop except this game has the small twist of allowing the player to launch bunnies from the sides of the screen too. If the bunnies happen to be dancing at the time (hence the name I think) you get bonus points. The whole thing is sickly and cute and is the kind of thing I am sure your girlfriend will love and thus annoy you by taking up valuable Xbox 360 time that could be better spent playing Call of Duty 4. If you like these kinds of games, it is decent but highly unoriginal. Hopefully Sierra Online has better things up their sleeves in the coming months.

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