Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm underwhelmed...

I reported a little while back that Microsoft was going to offer a free Xbox Live Arcade game in order to assuage the hurt sensitivities of Xbox Live users for the recent woes experienced while using the Xbox Live service. It was my opinion that Microsoft should just give us the points and not a specific title. Well, guess what they did? They decided to give us a specific title. It turns out to be none other than Undertow. An underwhelming game that I suspect might not have lived up to sales expectations. Gee thanks, Microsoft. I played the trial version and wasn't thrilled. Here is the press release:

The free XBOX Live Arcade game promised by Microsoft as compensation for the downtime has been announced. Undertow (normally 800 Microsoft Points) will be available to download from Wednesday 23rd January 2008 till Sunday 28th January 2008 for free.

Developed by Chair Entertainment Group, Undertow is one of the highest-rated and best looking games available on Arcade. Undertow redefines aquatic based shooters through a mix of high-definition graphics, intuitive controls and multiple modes of game play action. The game features a full story driven-single player campaign, on and offline co-op, and multiplayer for 2-16 players over Xbox LIVE for Gold subscribers. Players battle for control of the oceans as one of three selectable races, each with four unique, upgradeable units.

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