Monday, July 30, 2007

Big deal

So I was playing Wii Sports Golf with my girlfriend this weekend and I had a hole in one. Yeah big deal you say, and so does Nintendo it seems. I got a nice little graphic circled by a kind of wreath thing that said hole in one. That's it. It would have been nice to get a little bit more from the game for this rare feat. Does Nintendo not know what they have with this game? They need to come out with a full featured version of all of the games on the Wii Sports disk. Instead of coming out with another gimmick like the Wii Fit crap like they showed at E3, they need to flesh out titles like Wii Sports.


Matthew said...

it's sad that wiisports is still one of the most fun games for the wii there is. Tiger woods was meh... so was madden... but they got a lot of controls right with wii sports.

What I'd like to see are the sports games and really get them right. Fight Night boxing... MLB whatever... i just want to see a decent wii sports game instead of "port this with waggle!"

Flying Norseman said...

I couldn't agree more.