Friday, August 10, 2007

Update: Sleep Study Aftermath

Well, I made it through the night. Last night's Sleep Study was an interesting experience. I have had one before, about three years ago so I knew what to expect. I wasn't looking forward to it though. By the time everything is set up the patient has got two belts around their midsection and chest and numerous wires pasted to their heads and affixed to legs and index finger. Needless to say, it makes sleeping difficult, unfortunately enough since that is the reason you are there.

I am a little claustrophobic so being trussed up like that and attached to the bed was not enjoyable. After about two hours of sleep the tech came in and put the CPAP machine on my face and began to regulate the pressure. I was pleasantly surprised out how much it helped me. It felt great to be able to lay down and breath normally. Even though I didn't think I slept very deeply, I feel great today. I feel like I should feel after having a good night's rest which I haven't had in over a decade. I'm looking forward to actually getting the CPAP machine now so that I can start to experience a consitant amount of good rest. If you have sleep problems I highly recommend getting a sleep study done even though it is uncomfortable.

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