Sunday, August 5, 2007

Death Cat for Cutie?

I hate the media. Here is an example of how they take a story and run with it without any kind of critical thought or reflection. It seems there is a cat named Oscar who lives in a home for old folks and according to the people running the home, can sense when a patient is going to die. It has gotten so bad that the people in the home will call families when Oscar lies with a patient and inform them that their loved one only has hours to live. It's bad enough that the media ran with the story, but what is worse is they got their information from the AMA of all places. I can't think of a better case of confirmation bias than this example. The residents and workers in the home are basically just recording the "hits" they get to confirm what they want to believe. The Press reports the story as some sort of fluff piece implying that the cat is laying with the patients to comfort them in their last hours. Well guess what? According to the story, Oscar is not very friendly normally and only lays with people when they are about to die. I guess it is equally likely that that cat is some sort of sadistic monster or death merchant seeking the souls of old helpless people. Now we have idiots running around claiming that cats, or at least a certain one can predict when someone is going to die. I hate the media.

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